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About Hesiod Financial

Hesiod Financial is an investment fund managed by a collective of Case Western Reserve University, Princeton University, and Colorado College students with the goal of beating market returns on a risk-adjusted basis.

Investment Strategy

Hesiod Financial employs a multi-strategy global macro style approach to investing. Our goal is to utilize our unique advantage as students with strong fundamental knowledge to anticipate and capitalize on global macroeconomic events. This top-down approach is applied towards the equity and foreign exchange markets through instruments such as long/short equity, options, and futures. We believe that our discretionary and systematic macro approach can beat the market with a portfolio diversified to weather through even down markets.


Victor is a junior at Case Western Reserve University studying finance and economics. In his free time, Victor enjoys playing soccer and football. He says that founding Hesiod Financial has given him real-world experience by making investment decisions and being held accountable for the outcomes.
Victor Xie
Tiger is a junior at Princeton University majoring in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. In his free time, Tiger enjoys playing football and reading history books. As a founding member of Hesiod Financial, he is able to apply the technical and analytical skills required for a career in finance.
Tiger Chen
Vice President
Daniel Soares is a current sophomore at Colorado College majoring in Computer Science. In his free time, Daniel enjoys coding and mentoring his brother.
Daniel Soares
Zain is a junior premedical student at Case Western Reserve University studying economics. He is an options trader, and uses options as an instrument to generate high returns in bear markets. In his free time, Zain can be found conducting cancer research at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine.
Zain Khawaja
Chief Investment Officer
Andrew is a junior at Case Western Reserve University studying Finance and Economics. He is Series 65 certified and manages his own portfolio of equity and options. Andrew began investing when he was 17.
Andrew Ma


Kratos is a news and data-driven team inside the fund that favors derivatives as an instrument to capitalize on short-term trades. Our team creates and executes innovative hedging strategies to protect the portfolio from major downside risk.

Hesiod Labs

The vision of hLabs is to take on innovative initiatives that employ fintech within Hesiod Financial by consolidating its investment strategies through employing quantitative analyses as well as data-driven prediction algorithms. We combine our quantitative-based design with our software infrastructure to both accelerate and track the firm’s operations.

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